Squash stew is a wonderful fall color, hearty, and savory all at the same time. Hollow out a miniature pumpkin and serve the squash stew in the pumpkin. Garnish with a touch of freshly grated nutmeg. Try this squash and sweet potato stew from the amazing chefs at Wild Ginger:




1- 1/2 dried bean curd sheets

1/2 – c. tapioca shreds –

1/2 lb. Kabocha squash

1/2 lb. sweet potato

1/2 lb. zucchini

2 Tbs. sugar

1 small red chili

2 -1/2 – c. coconut milk

1 -1/2 – c. thin dried rice noodles

Garnish – coriander leaves




Soak dried bean curd sheets in cold water to soften, approximately 1 hour. Soak tapioca shreds in hot water until soft approximately 30 minutes. Peel and cut vegetables into bite size pieces: sweet potato, zucchini and squash.


In a sauce pan place water, coconut milk, chili sugar and rice noodle. Heat gently and then add vegetables and cook approximately 30 minutes uncovered stirring throughout. Do not let the mixture boil.


Check the sauce for balance, it should be slightly sweet with just the slightest hint of saltiness. Check doneness of vegetables for they should be firm and soft, but not falling apart. Serve in soup tureens garnished with coriander.


Source: http://web.archive.org/web/20060114110431/http://www.king5.com/kongtv/seattlelive/moore/stories/sl_102105kelleymoore.116eb465d.html


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Slicing InfoTech 100

Update (Friday, May 22, 2009 – 02:32 PM): After I did all that geeking out I found a much better data representation at Business Week website for 2009 info tech 100 which is much readily Excel importable and has lot of rich information to slice and dice by. I have saved the data in a google spreadsheet for future slicing and dicing, may be using a statistical language like R.

It all started with the newsflash that AMZN made #1 third time in a row on Business Week InfoTech 100.

I wanted to slice and dice the data:

      Rank   Company                            Country
         1  AMAZON.COM                          U.S.
         2  ORACLE                              U.S.
         3  SAP                                 Germany
         4  INVENTEC                            Taiwan
         5  IBM                                 U.S.
         6  BHARTI AIRTEL                       India
         7  QUANTA COMPUTER                     Taiwan
         8  WISTRON                             Taiwan
         9  TENCENT HOLDINGS                    China
        10  ACER                                Taiwan
        11  ACCENTURE                           U.S.
        12  MTN GROUP                           S. Africa
        13  HTC                                 Taiwan
        14  RESEARCH IN MOTION                  Canada
        15  SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS                 Korea
        16  AMERICA MOVIL                       Mexico
        17  SWISSCOM                            Switz.
        18  SAIC                                U.S.
        19  APPLE                               U.S.
        20  HEWLETT-PACKARD                     U.S.
        21  DIMENSION DATA HOLDINGS             S. Africa
        22  MICROSOFT                           U.S.
        23  CHINA MOBILE                        China
        24  ILIAD                               France
        25  INFOSYS TECHNOLOGIES                India
        26  ASUSTEK COMPUTER                    Taiwan
        27  NETFLIX                             U.S.
        28  SK TELECOM                          Korea
        29  ERICSSON (LM) TELEFON               Sweden
        30  TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES           India
        31  TELSTRA                             Australia
        32  VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS              U.S.
        33  BYD                                 China
        34  QUALCOMM                            U.S.
        35  TURKCELL ILETISIM HIZMETLERI        Turkey
        36  VODAFONE GROUP                      Britain
        37  GOOGLE                              U.S.
        38  DELL                                U.S.
        39  ZTE                                 China
        40  HON HAI PRECISION INDUSTRY          Taiwan
        41  COMPUTERSHARE                       Australia
        42  COMPUTER SCIENCES                   U.S.
        43  WIPRO                               India
        45  TELE NORTE LESTE PARTICIPACO        Brazil
        46  EMBRATEL PARTICIPACOES              Brazil
        47  PRICELINE.COM                       U.S.
        48  TAIWAN SEMICONDUCTOR MFG.           Taiwan
        49  NOKIA                               Finland
        50  COMPAL ELECTRONICS                  Taiwan
        51  COGNIZANT TECH SOLUTIONS            U.S.
        52  SIMPLO TECHNOLOGY                   Taiwan
        53  LG ELECTRONICS                      Korea
        54  VTECH HOLDINGS                      Hong Kong
        55  AUTOMATIC DATA PROCESSING           U.S.
        56  CISCO SYSTEMS                       U.S.
        57  ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS               Canada
        58  MCAFEE                              U.S.
        59  FACTSET RESEARCH SYSTEMS            U.S.
        60  NIPPON TELEGRAPH & TELEPHONE        Japan
        61  BMC SOFTWARE                        U.S.
        62  AT&T                                U.S.
        63  SYNNEX                              U.S.
        64  AFFILIATED COMPUTER SVCS            U.S.
        65  LG DISPLAY                          Korea
        66  MULTI-FINELINE ELECTRONIX           U.S.
        67  L-3 COMMUNICATIONS HLDGS.           U.S.
        68  LG TELECOM                          Korea
        69  TECH DATA                           U.S.
        70  INTUIT                              U.S.
        71  EMC                                 U.S.
        72  BROADCOM                            U.S.
        73  AISINO                              China
        74  PC-WARE INFO TECHNOLOGIES           Germany
        75  SYBASE                              U.S.
        76  TOKYO ELECTRON                      Japan
        77  METROPCS COMMUNICATIONS             U.S.
        78  SPECTRIS                            Britain
        79  CHECK POINT SOFTWARE                Israel
        80  WESTERN DIGITAL                     U.S.
        81  AMPHENOL                            U.S.
        82  HOSIDEN                             Japan
        83  NATIONAL MOBILE TELECOM             Kuwait
        84  HARRIS                              U.S.
        85  FIDELITY NATIONAL INFO SVCS         U.S.
        86  SAMSUNG ELECTRO-MECHANICS           Korea
        87  NASPERS                             S. Africa
        89  SYNOPSYS                            U.S.
        90  TERADATA                            U.S.
        91  CA                                  U.S.
        92  GEMALTO                             Neth.
        93  JUNIPER NETWORKS                    U.S.
        94  TKH GROUP                           Neth.
        95  GROUPE STERIA                       France
        96  TELEFONICA DE ARGENTINA             Argentina
        97  NETAPP                              U.S.
        98  FISERV                              U.S.
        99  ADOBE SYSTEMS                       U.S.
       100  AMDOCS                              Britain

I tried to start in Excel by pasting (all in one column) and then trying Data->Text to Column feature.

Did not quite work as I expected as there were no clear delimiter and space was splitting company names.

So I turned to my favorite editor VIM and starting trying some regular expressions to make the data more Excel friendly.

Here are the commands that worked:

Remove spaces preceeding rank:

Add | as delimiter:

Remove extra space after the second column:

Finally, I can paste this data, do Data -> Text to Column and do my favoirte Data->Filter on it to slice and dice. (I am still a Excel tyro so Pivot Tables scare me but it was not too bad for simple analysis like this).

So here is what I found out:

Out of the 100 companies

Country Total
Argentina 1
Australia 2
Canada 1
China 2
Finland 1
France 2
Germany 2
India 3
Japan 1
Korea 2
Kuwait 1
Mexico 1
Neth. 2
S. Africa 3
Sweden 1
Taiwan 4
Brazil 2
Britain 3
Canada 1
Chile 1
China 4
Hong Kong 1
India 1
Israel 1
Japan 2
Korea 4
Switz. 1
Taiwan 6
Turkey 1
U.S. 43
Grand Total 100

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Notable Quotes Relevent to Current Times

“To preserve their [the people’s] independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our selection between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude” – Thomas Jefferson

“When I tell the truth, it is not for the sake of convincing those who do not know it, but for the sake of defending those that do.” : William Blake

The Roots of Violence: Wealth without work, Pleasure without conscience, Knowledge without character, Commerce without morality, Science without humanity, Worship without sacrifice, Politics without principles: Mahatma Gandhi: Indian leader, 1869-1948

“We kill at every step, not only in wars, riots, and executions. We kill when we close our eyes to poverty, suffering, and shame. In the same way all disrespect for life, all hard-heartedness, all indifference, all contempt is nothing else than killing. With just a little witty skepticism we can kill a good deal of the future in a young person. Life is waiting everywhere, the future is flowering everywhere, but we only see a small part of it and step on much of it with our feet.” : – Hermann Hesse, German poet and novelist.

…most men have bound their eyes with one or another handkerchief, and attached themselves to some one of these communities of opinion. This conformity makes them not false in a few particulars, authors of a few lies, but false in all particulars. Their every truth is not quite true. Their two is not the real two, their four not the real four; so that every word they say chagrins us, and we know not where to begin to set them right: Ralph Waldo Emerson – Self Reliance – 1841 – From ‘Essays”, First series

Source: http://www.alwilayah.info/index2073.htm

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The Road to Success is Not Straight

I received an email with this inspiring message today:

The Road to Success is not straight:

There is a curve called failure, a loop called confusion, speed bumps called friends, caution lights called family, and you will have flats called jobs.

But, if you have a spare called determination, an engine called perseverance, insurance called faith, and a driver called God, you will make it to a place called success!

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Double Decker In Seattle

Double Decker In Seattle, originally uploaded by rizvi.

I always wondered why we did not have double decker in any of the US cities I have been. I thought it might be just a European thing that doesn’t work in US.

It turns out like mobile/cellular phone US is just behind the curve in transportation.

I was amazed to see a double decker in Seattle downtown recently and captured the moment with my cell phone camera.

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Light at the end of the tunnel in Seattle

IMAGE_135, originally uploaded by rizvi.

The Seattle downtown bus tunnel finally opened yesterday (September-24-2007) after a long closure.

It looks pretty much same as before, I know something about the rail tracks changed but even after looking long and hard at the rails I couldn’t tell the difference. One change that I noticed was that I found new sign boards specially the one promising light rail.

It was interesting to see backlogs of buses at tunnel ends looks like drivers need to get used to the tunnel.

I hope the tunnel changes were worth the cost and closure.

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“He will have to learn, I know, that all men are not just, all men are
not true. But teach him also that for every scoundrel there is a hero;
that for every selfish politician, there is a dedicated leader….

Teach him that for every enemy there is a friend. It will take time, I
know; but teach him, if you can, that a dollar earned is of far more
value than five found …. Steer him away from envy. If you can, teach
him the secret of quiet laughter. Let him learn early that the bullies
are the easiest to lick …. Teach him, if you can, the wonder of books
…. but also give him quiet time to ponder the eternal mystery of birds
in the sky, bees in the sun, and flowers on a green hill side. Teach
him to learn to lose and also to enjoy winning.

In school, teach him it is far more honourable to fail than to cheat….
Teach him to have faith in his own ideas, even if every one tells him
they are wrong… Teach him to be gentle with gentle people, and tough
with the tough. Try to give my son the strength not to follow the
crowd when every one is getting on the bandwagon… Teach him to listen
to all men … but teach him also to filter all he hears on a screen of
truth and take only the good that comes through.”

“Teach him, if you can, how to laugh when he is sad ….. Teach him
there is no shame in tears. Teach him to scoff at cynics and to beware
of too much sweetness … Teach him to sell his brawn and brain to the
highest bidders, but never to put a price tag on his heart and soul.
Teach him to close his ears to a howling mob…. and to stand and fight
if he thinks he’s right.”

Treat him gently, but do not cuddle him, because only the test of fire
makes fine steel. Let him have the courage to be impatient…. let him
have the patience to be brave. Teach him always to have sublime faith
in himself; because then he will always have sublime faith in

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